Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Studio

More about me...
I am a longarm quilter. I have a studio in my house where I work. I recently took most everything out and painted, added laminate flooring, and basically reorganized everything. I also re-chose what went back in. I have been working in the fabric industry in many forms since I was a teenager, so I have accumulated more than my share of supplies.

I have a pretty vast collection of thread. I love to look at it, and the colors right up on the wall. It helps in my creativity.

This is my longarm quilting machine. I am a dealer for the A1 quilting machines in the Pacific NW, as well as Western Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.
You can check out my website here....

I also piece in here, which now I am able to do a bit more of. I can piece while my Compuquilter is running!

Having and running the CQ has really changed my attitude on quilting. There are so many fabulous patterns out there that really amaze me. The perfection that I can get is amazing.
I still do quite a lot of freehand quilting, but this has opened up piecing again for me.

This is a Radiant Sun pattern by
Cara Gulati

And here is a close up of the fabulous quilting..

This pattern is from Jodi Beamish.

I will post more great pic's later.


Deb H said...

Welcome to Blogland Megan! Your studio is fabulous as is the A-1.

Thanks agian for setting mine up! I'm loving it!

Deb H said...

Oh, & I love the quilt! Pretty colors & cool curvey piecing!