Saturday, May 2, 2009

What a bad blogger I am!

While I have great intentions of blogging more often, I just never get to it.

I have been busy setting up machines and Computer systems for the quilting machines. I have also been busy with family stuff.

And the big news, we have decided to move.

We are looking for a house with a separate studio for my business. I really need to separate work and home time. For the last 19 years I have been self employed, and exept for a few years, it has always been me working at home.

So, if we can sell our current home, we will be moving!
We are looking at a smaller home, since girl has moved away to college. Also, since my studio and all related items will be out of the house, we don't need quite the space.

We have been staging our current house.
If you know of anyone who would love a cool house in the woods outside of Bellingham.....
My house

My Kitchen

Wine bar, complete with wine cellar.

Bathroom, recently redone.

Master Bedroom

Front yard.

Please, buy my house!!!!!!


Deb H said...

I wish I could buy your house. It would be nice to have a place nearer my daughter, & you do have a lovely home. I can't leave this house yet though.

Thanks for your help today. You really are the BEST!

Did you know that the new header on my blog was pieced & quilted on my A1 Lily!? I'm getting better!

Anonymous said...

What a lovely home! I wish you much success in selling it. Love the color combo of the wine "cellar".

Bellingham is a beautiful area. (But too cold for me. I'm hoping to work my way closer to Arizona! LOL!)



I know I would love to live there! Would there be room for my APQS Millennium? LOL I can only dream of leaving Southern Ohio. I love Washington state. I grew up in ND, so can handle winter, but DH wants warmer climate:( Love your house BTW.