Sunday, July 20, 2008

Other things you can use your A1 Quilting Machine for.....

My son is a boy scout, and his patrol needed a flag. Well, I helped get them going on the flag, though they came up with the design. They cut out their flames for the Flaming Phoenix patrol, and we needed to stitch down the flames and the phoenix. I could not get them to do the stitching, but they were right on my elbows helping out!

Now... this is just a single layer of kite fabric, you know, ripstop nylon.
With the flames, it is a few layers of ripstop, with a little fingernail polish on the edges to help the flag last for many boyscouting events to come.

Here are the boys, mine is the middle one.

They still needed to hang it.
I put velcro tabs at the top so they can bring it in their backpacks on the campouts and hang in in the trees.
Here is the hanging system.....

They think it is the coolest flag around!

As for the sewing of it.......
My A1 was perfect, no issues at all!
I used Rainbows thread, in the red yellow orange flame colors.
No tension problems, no thread breaks!

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